Cruise Travel Essentials – What to Pack

Cruises are exciting trips for individuals and families. As with any vacation, consideration should be taken when packing to make sure packing is done with some though. Planning your packing list beforehand will save you from worry and allow you to have an enjoyable vacation.

First of all, consider the weather and the time of year when packing for your cruise. It is important to remember that the weather at your ultimate destination may be very different from the weather on the cruise itself. Make sure to pack accordingly for every area where the ship will travel and stop. If you are traveling during the summer, make sure to bring sunscreen. It is surprising how many travelers do not think to bring sunscreen simply because they are on the ocean.

Check into activities that will be offered and make sure to bring the appropriate clothing and items necessary to participate. Does your cruise have a swimming pool? Is the cruise formal? Are there dances or social activities? Doing some research beforehand will help you to pack everything that is needed to enjoy all your cruise has to offer.

Cruise ship staterooms are small, so the key is to keep the packing light and make sure that what you bring is useful and essential. Be sure that you bring enough toys or games to amuse your children. There will be lots of activities on a cruise ship, but there is also the potential for lots of downtime when your children will need to amuse themselves. Account for this in your own planning as well, and bring a couple good books or crossword puzzles.

Another item that’s important to bring on any cruise is something to prevent sea sickness, such as pills or wristbands. Even if you have never experienced motion sickness before, it is always a possibility that you will be affected at some point on your trip. These items are relatively inexpensive, so it is a good idea to have some on hand.

Some items are basically essential for travel but should be brought using caution. These items would be things such as cameras, money and cell phones. You will definitely want a camera to take pictures of both the cruise itself and the destination. Consider what types of cameras would be best. Some choose to bring disposable cameras rather than risk losing or damaging a nice camera. However, if you are going on a cruise with lots of sights to see, such as an Alaskan cruise, this may be the time when you would need a good quality camera the most. You may be sorry if you do not bring a good camera, and it will be worth it as long as you take precautions to store the camera safely.

You will need money in some form both for extra incidental expenses on the boat as well as souvenirs, food and activities at your destination. Make sure that you research the safest type of money to carry and which forms of payment are accepted on the cruise. A travel agent will be helpful for advice on safe ways to travel with money.

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Tips You Need To Know Before Going On Your First Cruise

Cruises are the best way to travel to different islands or multiple cities for a short period. There are so many cruising options for travelers who want to cruise to any country in the world. You can travel from Hawaii to Alaska and the Mediterranean. But for many first-time travelers, cruising can be an overwhelming experience. Here I have listed a few tips that will help you with your first time cruising experience so that you can have a better voyage.

Fly To The Port A Day Earlier

If you reach the port a day early before the flight, it will help you in reducing the stress of any possible flight delays and luggage loss if you fly on the day of the cruise come ashore. If you are late then most probably the ship will leave without you. However, if you don’t wish to reach the port earlier, then just to make things easy for you send your luggage directly to the harbour.

Make The Booking Over The Phone

When you are making a booking, it’s best that you book over the phone and ask for a particular floor. The higher you book the floor, the better it is as you will be closer to the action and activities. Secondly, you won’t get motion sick as the lower levels are more uncomfortable.

Don’t Ignore Your Emails

Never ignore your emails from the cruise line, print out everything you get from them in the email because you might need it at any time during your journey.

Don’t Carry Alcohol In Your Luggage

I will advise you not to pack any alcohol in your luggage; cruise lines have been doing this for years, so they know where exactly you have hidden your alcohol. The cruise line will put your bags through a security check just like the airport scanners, and they will detect where you have kept it. So don’t carry things with you that are not allowed on the cruise.

Take A Small Hand Bag With You

Since your luggage will be sent to the cruise line and you won’t have access to it for some hours, it’s best that you pack a small backpack that you can carry with you onboard. You can put things like sun block, book, bathing suit, sunglasses and other things that you may need while you wait for your luggage to arrive.

Keep Your Key Card With You All The Time

It’s best to keep the key card with you all the time even when you are getting off the boat. You won’t be able to get back on the ship without it because it’s used as an ID card and your picture is paste on it.

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